MYFC Town Hall

Updated Thursday January 10, 2019 by MYFC.

The goal of this town hall meeting is to discuss any questions parents might have about our programs as well as dispel any misconceptions that are being circulated about them. Our team is constantly working to provide an environment for our towns youngest and brightest to have fun, learn, and compete. Please join our cheer, tackle, and flag football coordinators, as well as other key members of our team. We would love to answer any questions you might have or receive any feedback you’d like to provide!

⚠️Sample Topics Covered: ⚠️
* What is the difference between the different Medway Flag Leagues?
* What is “Light Blocking”?
* How far will my child have to travel?
* What does MYFC do to ensure my child is safe?
* What kind of commitment is cheerleading?
* Are cheerleaders competitive outside of weekly football games?
* Don’t see yours here, come by and ask us anything!

Light refreshments will be served!